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Hey Guys today I am going to share with you a supermaterial
which is going to change the future of Dentistry . It is a
supernatural wonder material which is stronger than any
material known in the universe. It is lighter than paper but
stronger than a diamond. It is 200 times stronger than steel. Its
tensile strength is 130 gigapascals yet it is very thin like an atom.
1 gm material is enough to cover an entire stadium. If somehow
we can make an elephant stand on a pencil and try to break this
sheet with it, It will not tear or break.
You may be wondering what is this materiel
This is graphene.


It is a unique single thin layer of graphite which is of 2
Dimensional hexagonal structure . It was invented in 2004 by Prof
Abdre Geim and Prof Koysta Novoselov. Who got nobel prize for
the same in 2010.
Graphene is an allotrope of carbon, In 2 Dimensional Honeycomb
like structure.



How it is useful for the dental industry. Graphenano dental has
come up with a biopolymer of graphene in CAD CAM millable disc
form called as G-CAM Disc.


Graphene is a nanotrophic form of carbon which allows to cover
the monomer particle with its precursor thus resulting in a very
dense biocompatible high flexural strength bio-material with
mechanical, biological and chemical supermaterial properties. The
polymerisation of PMMA trigers the exothermic chemical reaction.
This chemical reaction is improved by graphene due to its
excellent heat conductive property and resulting complete
polymerisation with a very stable compact material with the
elimination of all the negative properties of acrylic like coefficient
of absorption of liquid and strength. This graphene polymer has
very high flexural strength, high esthetics, high superficial
abrasion resistance.



This is what every dentist was looking for any prosthesis.
This is one of the game changer in Implant Dentistry
As it has high flexural strength so the impact forces on the
underlying implant is very less. Graphene superstructure will act
as a shock absorber thus leading to prevention of high impact
force on the implant body. As it is highly aesthetic we can
fabricate entire prosthesis in a single framework.
There are materials like PEEK and Bio HPP but they cant stand by
itself so you can make only a framework out of that and you need
high precision, high end equipment and materials to make an
implant prosthesis. where as GCAM can be milled in any dry or wet
milling machine. And you can just add composite layering on to get
the right shade of the teeth and gingival color.
As it is a polymer we can repair anything intraorally it can be
shade or shape or occlusal contacts. Even we can reshape the
gingival contour in the oral cavity itself.



We can also make Full crowns, veneers, Fpds and Dentures also
G CAM discs are available in monochromatic and polychromatic
forms so we can make direct monolithic crowns also. It has high
esthetic than that of our Zirconia.
The biggest advantage when we compare with zirconia; this
doesn’t need sintering so you will save lot of time and money
Also we don’t require high end milling machines any existing dry
or wet machine can serve the purpose also we don’t require any
ceramic experty. If you have little knowledge of composite
layering or its shading is enough to make g cam crowns.
The biggest advantage with general practitioners is these crowns
are not that costly and clinical workflow is very simple. You can
get the esthetics of Lithium Disilicate with just monolithic
polychromatic chrowns.
Repair is very easy; you can use your normal composites for any
repair work no need to send it to the lab.
Yes it is new material with all together new fudas so we have train
ourselves to get the best out of that.
We are very thankful to the almighty that we are the part this
There are so many things to come in this please stay with us
This is Dr M anil Goud professor dept of Prosthodontics and
Implantology one of the Director in Neodental technolgies pvt ltd
which has brought this product to India.
Thank you





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