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Endodontics Certification

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Course Coordinator

Dr. Vilasini

Course duration : 4 days


Didactic Lectures


  • Diagnosis & treatment planning
  • Endodontics emergency management
  • How to decide on a single sitting or multiple sitting
  • Working length determination
  • Use of apex locator
  • Use of RVG
  • Concepts of access preparation
  • Old and new concepts
  • Lectures followed by access opening demo of all types of teeth
  • Concepts in biomechanical preparation
  • Crown down technique
  • Modified crown down technique
  • Step up technique
  • IRI
  • Constant Taper vs Protaper
  • Hybrid technique
  • 2*, 4*, 6* taper principles
  • Use of endo motors
  • Single Sitting vs Multiple Sitting RCT
  • Irrigation & rubber dam principles


  •  Different obturation techniques
  • Post endodontic restoration
  • Retreatment protapers
  • MTA & troubleshooting
  • Separation of instruments, causes of breakage & their prevention

Demonstration Cum Hands-on Session:

  • Access preparation on extracted teeth by airotor
  • Biomechanical preparation by hand & rotary files
  • Use of apex locator
  • RVG
  • Obturation

Key features

  • Course is conducted by Dr Badra Rao and his team one of the best speaker in India.
  • It is a 4 days Hands-on course
  •  Any candidate with BDS or MDS qualification is eligible
  • Basic fundamentals of the subject matter will be thoroughly discussed which is followed by Theory sessions,
  • Live  Demos, Hands-on training and case discussions                                                                         

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