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Orthodontics Short Term Course

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About Instructor


Dr. Vilasini

Course Duration : 7 Days

Course Summary

Training Process & Methodology
• This is a weekend course, specially designed by keeping current dental practitioners in mind.
• Modules 1, 2 & 3 are a combination of theory, live demo and hand- on.
Lectures :
Malocclusion & classification of malocclusion Understanding Class I, Class II, Class III
Malocclusion variations and their orthodontic considerations Steps in starting an orthodontic case
Hands On : Extra-oral & Intra-oral Photography
Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
Importance of Study Models, X-Rays & Photographs
Extraction Vs Non-Extraction
• when to do Extractions in Orthodontics Cases
• Extraction Vs Non-Extraction Philosophy
# Hands-On : Cephalometric Tracing
Model Analysis
• Lecture, Demo and Hands-On of Model analysis
• Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Demo Cases
Bonding & Banding
• Bonding and banding in orthodontics
• Steps in bonding of orthodontic brackets
• Steps in band placements
Hands-On :
• Bonding on orthodontic model
• Wire selection & placement
Live Patient Work
• Diagnosis & Case discussion
• Treatment Planning
• Armamentarium setup
• Considerations in Complete case setup
Live Demo
• Bonding of orthodontic brackets
• Bonding in patients by participants
Tips & Tricks for Usual Cases
• Cases, On Metal Crowns, On Porcelain Crowns
• Tips for bonding on attrited teeth, deep bite
• MBT brackets & treatment philosophy
• Orthodontic wires & wire sequence for treating cases
• Biomechanics
• Anchorage
• Crowding
• Correction techniques
• Orthodontic Kit – What to buy – Instruments & Materials
Hands on :
• Construction of bite raising blocks
• Live demo- banding technique
• Extraction space closure in orthodontics
• Various Treatment mechanics in Class II div 1, div 2 & Class III cases
• Mini implants in Orthodontics
• Retention & types of retainer
• Hands-On on Hawley’s Retainer Fabrication
• Fixed retainer placement DEMO

Key Points

  • Each Participant will be assigned with 1 or 2 cases
  • On each follow up visit, additional important orthodontic topics will be covered according to the cases of individual participants.
  • Participants cases will be discussed thoroughly and treatment plan will be provided
  • Powerpoints, models, case photographs will be used during lectures for ease of understanding.
  • Study notes, patient education videos will be given to each participant.
  • All types of material & instruments will be provided to the participants at each visit.


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Duration 7 Days
Level Asian Dental Academy
Course Title Orthodontics
Number Of Credits 23
Hyderabad (Telangana) 15-JAN-2017
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Price  40,000

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