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3 weeks ago

Dr. Bhavana's view on Asian Dental Academy

Be A Part Of Us! We are proud to announce that Dr. Bhavan has been awarded the fellowship of Asian Dental Association on successful completion of her fellowship in field of Clinical Dentistry at Asian Dental Academy. Asian Dental Acade...

3 months ago

Dr Christina's view on Asian Dental academy.

Dr christina is from Manupur she did her clinical dentistry fellowship from ADA. Be A Part Of Us! In entire dental careers nothing is better than a confident delivery of clinical treatment for a dentist. By considering this fact, ADA d...

3 months ago

Covid protocols at Sree Dental Hospital

Dental clinics are considered to be the danger zones of droplet infections. Here at sree dental hospital we are taking all the precautions of COVID prevention. our clinic is safe for all dental treatments. this video shows the...

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