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Endodontics Fellowship

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Endodontics Fellowship

Endodontics Fellowship
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Dr. Vilasini

course duration : 60 Days
  • Endodontics fellowship Course begins with “One Week” theory session to cover all necessary fundamentals.
  • Followed by theory sessions, ADA provides Hands‑on Training, Live Demos and On‑Patient training.
  • On correlating the skills & competency required for executing clinical procedures, each candidate will be assigned with 10 dental cases.
  • To sum up: Case Discussion, Formative and Cumulative Assessments play a key role during the course curriculum to validate the quality of learning.
  • Emergency management is also included in the program so that candidates will be prepared to handle situations of any kind Basic life support CPR, LA techniques, IM and IV injections, Hands‑on and lectures on practice management, finance management, time management etc.


  • Diagnosis & treatment planning.
  • Endodontics emergency management.
  • How to decide on a single sitting or multiple sitting.


  • Minimum 10 to 15 patients will be assigned per candidate for On-Patient Training.
  • Fellowship in Endodontics is a 30 days fellowship program
  • Participants will be assigned with patients to treat under Personalised Practical Mentor-ship Model
  • Any candidate with BDS or MDS qualification are eligible
  • Prior to On-Patient Training, Basic fundamentals of the subject matter will be throughly discussed
  • Followed by theory session, live demos , hands on training and cases discussion will be conducted to assess whether the candidates are ready for “On-Patient training” or not
  • Certificate courses in Endodontics is mandatory to present detailed presentation and a publication by every participants to the end of the course




Dr Badra Rao

Dr Meher Nigar

Dr Ram Kumar

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