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Advanced Implantology Certification Course

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Advanced Implantology course

International Implantology fellowship

Course Coordinator

Dr. Vilasini

Course duration : 2 days
Course Fee: 18000 INR


  • Direct and Indirect sinus lift surgeries
  • Selecting various bone grafts according to the clinical situation
  • Combination of different bone graft varieties and their advantages
  • Selection of membrane according to clinical situation
  • Predictable ridge augmentation
  • Clinical case discussion

Key features

  • Course is conducted by Dr Lanka Mahesh  and his team one of the best speaker in Implantology.
  • It is a 2 days Hands-on course
  • Limited participant Course
  • Live  Demos, Hands-on training and case discussions on 
    • GBR
    • Direct sinus Lift
    • Indirect sinus Lift
    • Ridge splinting and Grafting
    • Dentin graft making
    • Advanced suturing techniques
    • Membrane and its usage
  •  Any candidate with knowledge of Basic Implantology is eligible                                                                         

Course Outline

Day 1

Didactic lectures

  • Bone grafts Basics
  • GTR membrane Principles
  • Basic principles of flaps and sutures

Tea break


  • GBR
  • Direct Sinus Lift
  • Indirect Sinus Lift

Lunch break

Hands-on on animal jaw

  • GBR
  • Direct Sinus lift

Day 2


  • GBR
  • Dentin Graft basics

Live Surgery

  • Direct sinus lift
  • GBR procedure



  • Dentin Graft making

One to one problem solving


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