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About Instructor


Dr Varsha Rao

Dr Varsha Rao

Asthetic Dentistry Workshop

Art of anterior aesthetics

Art of anterior aesthetics

Composite Sculpting

Composite Sculpting

Rubber Dam Placement

Rubber Dam Placement

smile design
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COURSE Coordinator

Dr. Vilasini


The Course  consists of theory and hands-on module of 2 Days covering the key topics such as: Laminates, Veneers, Anterior Composites, Layering Technique, Stamp technique, Laminate cementation,


  • It is a single module 2-Day course for Certificate Course, 45 Days for Fellowship course
  • Any candidate with BDS or MDS qualification is eligible
  • Basic fundamentals of the subject matter will be thoroughly discussed which is followed by Theory sessions, Live Demos, Hands-on training and case discussions
  • On-patient training is applicable only for fellowship program.


Dr. Varsha Rao has been in clinical practice for over 16 years and has undergone extensive training in Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry.

She is passionate about restorative dentistry and often speaks about ‘Simplifying composites in day-to-day practice’.

She has received post graduate certificates from NYU and Stony Brook University.

Dr. Varsha is a faculty member of the Aesthetic Dentistry Fellowship (Eduhub Columbia University) and D. Y. Patil University and is a certified Level I Style Italiano trainer for Direct Restorative Procedures.

She is a Key Opinion Leader of the direct restorative line for 3M ESPE India

course Details


Day 1/Laminates & Veneers

Didactic Lectures

Current trends of Smile Designing:

  • Principles of Smile Designing
  • Golden Proportion Myth and facts
  • Digital Smile Designing /functional Smile Designing
  • Virtual vs Real Mock up
  • 2D Vs 3D Smile Designing

Shade Matching

  • Principles of Color science
  • Shade Matching for
    • Metal Ceramic
    • All ceramic
    • Direct Composites
  • Summary of All techniques of Smile Designing:

Fundamentals of Tooth Preparation:

  • Principles of Laminates, Veneers and Full Crown Preparation
  • Basics of Tooth Preparation

Demonstration of

  • Laminate Preparation
  • Rubber Base Impression
  • Gingival Retraction
  • Immediate temporization

Hands On:

  • Laminate Preparation
  • Rubber Base Impression
  • Immediate temporization

Adhesive Dentistry

  • Bonding Principles
  • Myth and Facts of Bonding Techniques

Curing Light principles:

  • Types of light cure machines
  • Effect of intensity, distance and time of curing on composites
Day 2:
The Art of making lifelike anterior restorations
Didactic Lecture
Anterior Composites( Tips & Tricks  )
>      Armamentarium  to make life like restorations( Bonding agents and composites)
>      Shade selection (Difference between enamel, dentin and body shades:
>      How to correlate the perceived color of a tooth with actual restoration to eliminate mismatch.)
>    Hue, Value, Chroma and shade selection
>     The layering technique-For Class 4 (Controlled body thickness concept, multilayering)
•Finishing and Polishing-Stepwise sequence to achieve porcelain like glaze
Session 2:
Demo and Hands-on
Class 4 Buildup,Finishing and Polishing.

Panel Discussion:

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Duration 4 Days
Level Certification Course
Aesthetic Dentistry Workshop AESTHETIC
8 23
Hyderabad (Telangana) 11-Aug-2017
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Price  15,000  12,000

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