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Clinical Dentistry Fellowship

  Curriculum: Current trends of Smile Designing: Principles of Smile Designing Golden Proportion Myth and facts Digital Smile Designing /functional Smile Designing Mock Preparation Virtual vs Real Mock up 2D Vs 3D Smile Designing Shade Matching Principles of Color science Shade Matching¬† o Metal Ceramic o All ceramic o Direct Composites Summary of All techniques of Smile Designing: Fundamentals of Tooth Preparation: Principles of Laminates, Veneers and Full Crown Preparation Basics of Tooth Preparation Single BUR Technique Demo cum Hands-On of Single BUR Technique Live Demonstration Laminate Preparation Rubber Base Impression Gingival Retraction Immediate temporization Hands On: Laminate Preparation Rubber Base Impression Immediate temporization Adhesive Dentistry Bonding Principles Myth and Facts of Bonding Techniques Curing Light principles: Types of light cure machines Effect of intensity, distance and time of curing on composites Layering Technique: Principles of Layering Technique Characterization of Direct Composites Step by step procedure for composite layering Technique Live demonstration: Direct Composite Smile Designing Layering technique Hands On: Composite Layering Techniques. Rubber Dam Rubber Dam principles and Techniques Matrix Retainers Cementation Techniques: Bonding Vs Luting Bonding principles of all Ceramic restorations like laminates, full veneers, fibre posts etc Principe of all ceramic cementation. Posterior Composite Restorations Principles of Posterior Composite Restorations Layering Technique for posterior composite Restorations Class I and Class V restorations Class II Restorations Class III and Class IV Restorations Diestema Closure Pink Aesthetics: Gingival zenith Gingivoplasty Crown lengthening Aesthetic Post and Core: Aesthetic Post and Core Techniques Fibre post Principles and Techniques Composite core build up Principles Different techniques of core build up for Aesthetic restorations Step by step procedure for Post and Core Build up Panel Discussion: No spot Registrations No Patients will be provided for certificate course For fellowship 20 cases of different variations will be assigned Institute will provide all necessary equipments and materials needed for the cases except Laminates and veneers lab charges Each participants has to get their own airotor handpiece and min 10 extracted teeth For accommodation please contact our Hospitality counter 9963378747 Candidate can get registered online by paying just 5000 Rs. (non-refundable)  
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