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Aesthetic Dentistry Fellowship

About Instructor

COURSE Coordinator

Dr. Vilasini

Course Duration : 10 Days


Course Highlights
10 Days Comprehensive course
NYK university curriculum
International mentor
On patient training

Course Objectives
Learn to know recent advances in aesthetic dentistry in a systematic approach
Composite layering technique
Veneers and Laminates
How to use Face-Bows and semi adjustable articulator
Natural smile Mock up
Shade mapping, Rubberdam, Gingival retraction, Rubber base impressions and Bite registrations
Digital smile Designing
Transferring Digital smile to Mock up
Hollywood Smile in a day
Functional smile Designing and much more

Treatment Planning
This Treatment Planning section is unique, designed to empower and enlighten every participant and inspire confidence in diagnosis and treatment planning with predictable outcomes


  • 10 Days Comprehensive course
  • 2 Modules of 5 Days each
  • NYK university curriculum
  • International mentors
  • On patient training Course
  • personalized practical mentorship
  • Digital smile Designing
  • One aesthetic case per each participant

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to comprehensively evaluate patients through simplified systemic documentation
  • Learn to evaluate by a risk assessment protocoled triage the four major diagnostic parameters that effect and define success in treatment outcomes
  • Learn to transfer treatment planning techniques to case presentation that leads to patient acceptance
  • Learn to incorporate a comprehensive examination and systematic treatment planning into your patient care
  • Learn how to recognize, assess and account for risk using a protocol that evaluates periodontal, biomechanical, functional and dentofacial issues
  • Learn how to transfer the four diagnostic parameters into treatment plans and sequences that will minimize risk and maximize long term success
  • Learn how to engage the patient in understanding their condition so they may participate more fully in their own care.

COURSE Information

Treatment Planning

This Treatment Planning section is unique, designed to empower and enlighten every participant and inspire confidence in diagnosis and treatment planning with predictable outcomes

Diagnostic Wax Ups

This will focus on the diagnostic wax up and assist the participant in making the transition from the design phase to the clinical application of a proposed treatment plan in simple to complex cases

Learn the three dimensional relationship                                                                                                                                     Improve ability to create provisional restorations from wax up                                                                                               Improve ability to guide ceramist to replicate the esthetics you established.

Digital Smile Designing

This section focus on digital treatment planning.Enables the participants to tx plan instantly by using DSD Software tools, This helps to do digital mock ups were Traditional wax mock ups not possible in certain clinical conditions

Protocol for pics required for DSD                                                                                                                                                     Hands on by using DSD software tools                                                                                                                                  Participants required Mc book for this section

Adhesive dentistry:

This section will completely focus on principles of modern bonding concepts and different systems available. In detail explanation about function and mechanism of different curing lights.

Protocol for

  • Bonding different materials.
  • Adhesive systems
  • Curing & Composites
  • Adhesive Composite compatibility
  • Protocol for Emax bonding
  • Protocol for Zirconia bonding
  • Protocol for composites bonding
  • Protocol for Feldspathic bonding

All about veneers

  • This section unveils all the secrets about veneers. designed to teach all aspects of veneers from case selection, preparation cementation, finishing and polishing.
  • Improve knowledge in case selection based on patient requirement and considering occlusion scheme
  • Veneer preparation based on biomimetic principles
  • Veneer preparation with guides made from wax ups
  • Learn about non prep veneers
  • Temporization of veneers
  • Cementation of veneers (Feldspathic, E-max , Zirconia)
  • Finishing and polishing protocol for veneers of different materials.

All about Ceramics

  • This section focus on all types of ceramic materials used for restorations.
  • Learn and understand science behind the materials
  • Learn different restorative materials form ceramist aspect and dentist aspect
  • Understand about different ceramics fabrication
  • Learn and understand properties difference between natural tooth and ceramics

Direct and Indirect Composite Restorations

  • This section focus on all aspects of composite restorations.
  • An in depth discussion and hands on  all types of composite restorations.


  • Class 1 to class 5 Composite restorations
  • Direct and in direct Partial & Full composite veneers
  • Direct and Indirect composite inlays & Onlays

Course schedule:


  • Diagnostic info collection (includes ; – Pictures,impressions,bite registration,face bow transfer)
  • Treatment planning on mounted models with wax up
  • Developing mock up from the treatment plan wax up
  • Mock try in on patients
  • Conversion of mock to final wax up
  • Developing preparation guides from mock
  • Preparation on patient using pre guides
  • Impressions for final ceramics
  • Face bow transfer, bite registration
  • Temporization


  • All about ceramics
  • Digital smile design
  • Composites class 1 to class 5
  • All about adhesive dentistry
  • Final Cementation of veneers/crowns on patient

ADA Testimonials


Dr Vishnuwardhan

Dr. M. Anil Goud

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Start On 2019-10-28
Duration 10 Days
Level Asian Dental Academy
Course Title AESTHETICS Dentistry fellowship
Number Of Credits 23
Hyderabad (Telangana) 24-DEC-2016
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